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Why many successful women don’t have children

There was once a time when the worth of a woman was based purely on whether or not she had children and how many children she had. That time is long gone now. Today is a day and age in which women are striving for equality and have abandoned, for the most part, the notion […]

What to expect? Bar VS Lounge!

Before going to a bar or lounge, one must understand the basic difference between them. The former is a place, sometimes referred as a pub or club, where alcoholic beverages are served. The term ‘bar’ refers to a countertop which is the area where drinks are served. Every bar in this world, no matter how […]

Why Wine Clubs are better than General Grocery Stores

Why go to a wine club when you can get what you want at your general grocery store? You might be wondering that question. We have the answer: because you assume it’s easier to pick up a bottle of wine from the grocery store. True enough; some stores have nice collections. However, if you enjoy […]

To Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

The world has now seen many successful women entrepreneurs. We’ve had famous women politicians, CEOs, fashion designers, and businesswomen. They introduced the world to some of the best ideas and then put them in action through their hard work and excellent strategies. You can be on that list too. Anyone who has been on the […]

What’s In Your Purse: Avoiding Overloaded Purses

I’m sure we all just fill our purses with everything we can find and then usually forget about the things that don’t actually need to go in there. And mostly, we even go on to complain about how heavy our purses have gotten. Our purses are like dark holes, and we’re not sure what’s in […]

Why don’t women speak to men?

Ever seen a handsome man, but refused to smile and say “Hello”? Of course!. Unfortunately, women are less likely to speak to men; especially if they are attractive. But the real question is why? What holds them back? Are they too shy to initiate a conversation? Or do they simply feel that chivalry should take […]

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