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5 Fruits and veggies that will eliminate belly fat

Feeling a little flabby? Put down that Venti Mocha Caramel from Starbucks, immediately! You know that saying “you are what you eat.” It’s true, you are definitely what you eat, so I have five foods that will help you get fit, lose weight and feel great.


Tart cherries are going to help you sleep because they are loaded with magnesium and they eliminate free-radicals. What’s that? These are nasty little buggers that make you age and get cancer. Grab a handful and eat right before bedtime to help your body rest, and fight cancer.

Grapefruit has recently shown to reduce waist size by up to an inch. But, you should take it in the morning, just half of one and a few slices later in the day. Grapefruit destroys visceral fat, because of the vitamin C levels in them. This is one of the top super fruits to lose belly fat.

Apples, are another super fruit to help reduce fat. Apples have the ability to give you a lot a fiber. That fiber helps you to feel healthier and reduce fat. It works best with a moderate workout, but try it anyway you can. You know what they say about an apple a day. In several countries they tasted a few varieties of apples, and the Pink Lady variety was the number one fiber rich variety for weight loss and fiber health.

Orange and yellow vegetables like carrots and summer squash stop stress and belly fat. They have high levels of vitamin c. This like the other is packed full of super level fighting power. It’s Kung Fu kicking your belly fat!

Asparagus and other green vegetables contain the power to decrease the stress that our bodies have to deal with daily. This veggie group can help any protein like meat, cheese, fish, metabolize in your body. So, you only use what you need and the rest is gone. Where? Well where does all the food you eat and don’t use go?

Sugars- stop eating them in excessive amounts. The second you reduce your sugar intake your zits will go away. Sugar is everywhere, so it’s important to not eat more sugar than you have to. Oh, and your risk of getting diabetes will almost completely vanish! Also you can sleep at night-you know that time when the earth sleeps and you should be too? Yeah, that time.

Steamed veggies, raw veggies-these are perfect to keep a healthy body, plus it is literally a no-prep meal. Spinach and broccoli and even raw pepper can help with vitamins, and boost your body’s health. They are crunchy and super tasty. So if you don’t like these foods then sneak them into your palate. Spinach can be mixed with bacon in the beginning, so that you can trick yourself into eating it.

Okay, so now that you know the top five veggies and fruits to eat, then you should take your time and start introducing them into your diet slowly. You don’t have to stuff them into your mouth and eat them at one time. It’s a slow process and a little goes a long way.

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