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What’s In Your Purse: Avoiding Overloaded Purses

I’m sure we all just fill our purses with everything we can find and then usually forget about the things that don’t actually need to go in there. And mostly, we even go on to complain about how heavy our purses have gotten. Our purses are like dark holes, and we’re not sure what’s in there and what isn’t. Well, for all such ladies out there, here’s your official guide on the dos and don’ts of what to put in your purse.
Packing a Purse Ruins the Shape
Purses are designed only to hold limited items; they’re not meant to be stuffed. And chances are if you go on stuffing your purse, you’ll more than likely ruin the shape. Think of it like this: if you stretch a rubber band too much, it’s bound to lose its shape and never return to the way it once was. Purses are just like that; pack them too much, and they’ll never be the same!

Ruins the shape of a purse | Sexy Singular

Ruins the shape of a purse

Avoid Keeping Snacks in Your Purse
Let’s remember: it’s a purse, not a lunchbox. Sure, keeping mints or gum is okay; those won’t ruin your purse. But keeping snacks, like a packet of chips or cookies, in your purse: a complete no. Such snacks could cause a mess in your purse. And imagine if a packet bursts open in your purse, you’ll be cleaning cookie crumbles out of for weeks. Or, what’s worst is that you forget about that chocolate bar you snuck in there. Melted chocolate is a disaster for our most beloved purses.
Keep a Small Cosmetic Bag
Now we realize that women need to carry stuff like lotion and lip-glosses etc. with them. But even these items can leak and not only cause a mess in the purse but also damage other valuables you might have in there, like your phone or a notebook. This is why you should either keep your cosmetics in zip lock bags or get a small cosmetic bag to always keep in your purse.

Small Make Up Kit | Sexy Singular

Small Make Up Kit

Use Travel Size Toiletries
If you do need to carry around lotions or sanitizers etc., make sure you keep small travel size versions of them instead of the normal larger ones. If you don’t keep the travel size toiletries, then they will end up taking a lot of space, and your purse won’t be of much use to hold other essential items. Large sizes will also add extra weight to your purse and carrying around a heavy bag will eventually cause neck, back, or shoulder pains. So lose the weight, and start using travel sizes.
Must Haves in Your Purse
Now that we’ve told you what not to keep in your purse, here’s a list of the few essential items that most definitely need to be in your purse. Your wallet and cell phone are obviously on the list. Apart from them, you should also carry around a pen and a small notepad, because you might need it sometime. If you need medicine throughout the day, do remember to include it as well. Invest in a small pill compactor for your purse. This way you take only what you need, and the rest is in a safe place at home.
And that is it! A simple guide to everything you need in your purse- and everything you don’t!

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