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What to expect? Bar VS Lounge!

Bar vs Lounge | Sexy Singular

Before going to a bar or lounge, one must understand the basic difference between them. The former is a place, sometimes referred as a pub or club, where alcoholic beverages are served. The term ‘bar’ refers to a countertop which is the area where drinks are served. Every bar in this world, no matter how trendy or hip is influenced by the one that came before it.


In the older times, bars were considered a place for the working class where they used to drink and have quality time with their friends. On the contrary, the atmosphere in lounges would be quite sophisticated and people will be more civilized. So how do you choose? Use these tips to decide:


Everyone remembers their first time in a bar. Some went with fake ID’s, some waiting until the rightful age of 21; and some simply slipped right in. Regardless, a good time is usually to be expected. Following are the things you should expect, whenever visiting a local bar.

Bar | Sexy Singular


  1. Drunk and loud men!

Don’t be surprised if you see a man shouting in the bar and gaining everyone’s attention. It is just completely normal. In fact, you are going to see a lot of men yelling and shouting randomly. If you try to understand what point they are trying to make then you are wasting your time! They are just drunk and nothing else.

  1. Quiet Loners

This is another class you see in the bars. Socially despondent people who look lifeless and sad just like in the movies when a girl leaves her boyfriend. These people are quiet and in a world of their own.

  1. Celebrations!

Celebrations are a common thing at the bar. You are definitely going to see a group of people drinking and celebrating. Uncanny laughter actually blends in the atmosphere of the bar.

  1. Bartenders offering a special drink.

Never fall into this trap. Most of the times, the bartenders are going to offer you a drink saying that it is special. Don’t drink it unless you have seen him/her making that drink.


Lounges are very civilised and the atmosphere is quite sophisticated. Here are the things you are most likely to observe in a lounge.

Lounge | Sexy Singular


  1. Business meetings

Since the atmosphere is quieter, you are going to see men and women in formals, having deep discussions about their business. You are not going to hear a word they say.

  1. Well-dressed people

Since lounges are considered to be ‘trendy’, you are going to see people dressed surprisingly well and you are going to feel awkward if you visit a lounge in jeans and a t-shirt.

  1. Light music and a soothing environment

To go with the flow, most of the lounges prefer lighter music so they can create a soothing environment for their visitors.

  1. Formal celebrations

Yes, you are going to see celebrations inside a lounge but they are going to be quieter. The people will behave in a very civilized manner keeping in mind the decorum of the place.

Final Thought!

Bars and lounges have their own perks. It all depends on your mood whether you would like to get crazy with your friends in a bar where no one will judge you or a get together just to have a decent conversation.

Either way, both can be equally satisfying and guaranteed fun. Moreover, depending on where you go, you’ll find a little of both at your venue of choice.

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