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Breast Cancer 101: Stay Informed

Breast Cancer | Sexy Singular

Over the years, the numbers of reported cases of breast cancer have increased significantly. This increase in reports and diagnosis was made possible solely by the fact that people are starting to become more aware of breast cancer and its importance. To do our part in creating this awareness of such a fatal disease, we have here basic steps and information about breast cancer that everyone should know about.


Taking Care of ‘The Girls’ is Important

It is important to take care of every part of your body, and even if it is not talked about very often, taking care specifically of your breasts is just as important as anything else. Some tips to keep your breasts healthy is making overall healthier life choices, such as staying active with exercise, making sure eat lots of green vegetables, and avoiding excessive caffeine intake, or smoking. Another way to keep your breasts healthy is to wear comfortable bras that are your size, and do not wear them to bed.

Do Regular Self Checkups

Over the years, Breast Self-Exams (BSEs) have been created. These are simple tests that women carry out at home to check if they have any lumps in their breasts that may require medical attention. Because more often than not, such lumps on the breasts are a sure sign to consult with your doctor. Checking for lumps is not the only symptom to look for in this checkup; there are many others as well such as a change in the size of one breast, persistent pain in one spot, swelling, redness, darkening of the breast, and dimpling or puckering of the skin.

Breast Self Exam | Sexy Singular

Breast Self Exam

Eat Healthy and Exercise

As mentioned above, a healthy lifestyle is important to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer. By eating healthy and exercising, you learn to keep your weight in check, which also helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Many studies have shown that women who are active and thereby keep their weight under control end up having a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Exercise And Eat Healthy | Sexy Singular

Exercise And Eat Healthy

Stay Up to Date with Mammograms

Mammograms are recommended because at times there may not be any physical signs visible during a physical checkup, but a tumor could still be present. This is why health care providers recommend ultrasounds of the breast or mammograms; because they help discover the tumor way before it could cause any symptoms or be felt by hand, and thereby it could potentially save the patient from the fatal disease. This is why mammograms are usually recommended to be done after every 2-3 years, even if you don’t have any history or any reason to be concerned.

See a Doctor If You Notice Anything Abnormal

During your self-checkups, if you do see any of the symptoms mentioned above, or even if you come across any other concern, it is best to see your doctor. Many people (both male and female) are reluctant to consult with a physician when they notice abnormalities. This is not only dangerous, but callous as well. As a human it is your right to do all that you can to enable your chances of having a long and prosperous life. Don’t be afraid to consult with your doctor.

Breast Cancer Check Ups | Sexy Singular

Breast Cancer Check Ups

These are just a few tips, but you can always do more research. If you have a history of Breast Cancer in your family tree, it would be best to allow for screening at least once every year. Most Cancers go undetected for quite some time. Having regular check-ups and being vigilant of any changes in your body can prevent most illnesses.

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