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Brown Noser or Go Getters | Sexy Singular

In our workplace, we often meet some people that are naturally very clingy to the seniors when it comes to attitude. They will do whatever it takes to please them, and their seemingly ‘good faith’ tactics in the workplace can become annoying; while there are others who work very hard and in return, don’t wish for external validation or approval. Brown-Nosers and Go-Getters are very common in workplaces. If you wish to spot a Brown-Noser or a Go-Getter, we can help you find them. Here’s how:



It is not useless to say that these people are the reflection of the people around politicians and film stars. They are sycophants, which flatter an individual for personal motives. But why are these people called Brown-Nosers? Because they rub their nose in the dirt when they stoop so low and in the process, get their nose brown. So whenever you find someone flattering your boss 24/7, you know the color of their nose.

Brown Nosers | Sexy Singular

Brown Nosers


These people have a guiding vision and for them, ticking goals off a list without enjoying the process is meaningless. They are constantly appreciating one’s journey, dreams, and goals and serve as lanterns upon the horizon, guiding us to a direction that is in line with our souls, and our bliss. They show up every day at work even when they don’t feel the best. They are disciplined and mastered the craft of more productivity and less talking. They are passionate about what they do, and excited to work on the new projects. They don’t care for external validation. They have solid mentorship, surround themselves with like-minded people, and understand the importance of choosing friends carefully.

Go Getter | Sexy Singular

Go Getter

Why do we fall? So we learn to pick ourselves up.”-Alfred.

This is their favorite line from any movie subconsciously because they learn from their mistakes.


To impress your boss without seeming like a kiss-ass, you need to take care of the following things.:

  • Don’t just open the doors for them, open your ears. Listen to whatever your boss is saying and act accordingly.

  • Take responsibility for your actions if you have done something wrong. Your honesty and level of responsibility will impress your colleagues.

  • Always try being the solution, not the problem.

  • Try to be more involved in the meetings by showing regular concern about the company so that your boss won’t feel like he is the only one who cares.

  • When your boss asks you to do something, take note and make it your priority. Show results in the least amount of time. Be productive!

    How to avoid seemin like kiss ass | Sexy Singular

    How to avoid seemin like kiss ass

Final Thoughts!

The choice is yours whether you want to kiss-ass and get an unlimited amount of hatred from everyone in your workplace or be someone who helps people, presents a viable solution, doesn’t try too hard, and most importantly: doesn’t work to please others. If you value your skills, being a Brown-Noser would be completely off of your agenda.

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