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Casual, Breezy Flirting

Every feast of a time with a potential love interest starts with an appetizer of a healthy, interesting flirting routine. And like an appetizer before the feast, flirtation is good for health! The playful flirtation that pinballs back and forth between the two parties acts as platonic foreplay before things move on to a mutually agreed situation which could either be a walk under the stars, a coffee date for the coming Wednesday or a casual hookup to let off some steam. For some, it’s even a dreadful encounter.


Test the Waters

Every flirtation starts with eye contact. Casual, friendly eye contact is very important to let the other person feel comfortable with you before you move in with the words to woo them. Never go in with expectations or keeping an end goal in mind. Keep things as casual and open as possible as this makes the whole situation more comfortable and easy to adjust to. This could be from across the bar, while you get them drinks and smile at them or it could be from two seats away on the subway before you casually go and ask to sit next to them.

Strike up Conversation

This is where a lot of soldiers lay down their arms and surrender, for no good reason honestly. This part of the flirtation routine seems tough, but it’s not that big of a cry for help. Unless you panic and let it become a bigger deal than it is. Confidence is key! Do not let the situation intimidate you because it’s anything but. Be your easygoing, normal self. Crack a joke here and there but only if it’s certified that humor is your strong suit. Try to make the other person comfortable with you any way you can. Oh, and do not, for the love of the God or flirtation itself, use lines that have become extinct and clichéd. But then again, there are people who can make this work for their benefit, so be your own judge.

Silent Touches go a Long Way

The part where you have to gauge the comfort level of the other person about being touchy-feely is when things actually demand caution. Don’t go around grabbing arms and touching backs when it’s unwarranted and unwelcomed. Wait, observe, and determine what sort of breach of personal space the other person seems comfortable with and read the red flags when they being to wave in the air. Adjust your frank behavior accordingly, and make the other person realize that you won’t go to inappropriate lengths if they’re uncomfortable.

You’re Golden

Once you’ve passed this final stage, we’d say you’re golden to take this flirtation to the next level and ask for your interest’s number, or better yet, ask them out on the spot – depending, again on the signals that they’re giving off.

Go ahead and try this out with the one you’re crushing on; and let us know what happens! Happy flirting!

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