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Competence or Confidence: What’s More Important For Women at Work

Competition among Girls | Sexy Singular

Todays majority of women are independent and happy because they are pursuing their desired career. And, women at work are confident enough to handle all situations whether good or bad. What do you think matters most to women at work? Competence or Confidence? I would like to argue that they are both one in the same. However, confidence should be the winner. On the other hand, competence is valid to some extent or a fixed period. But confidence is life long affect as it will relate to all aspects of our lives; personally, fundamentally, and professionally.

Competition | Sexy Singular


Nowadays what’s more important is ‘smart work’: The “Go getter”, and the “Multi-Tasker”. Many of us strive to be these things because we are confident in our skills and we’re sure we can make a positive impact. Being competent allows us to go for the goal, but our confidence is what keeps us going.

Competition is also essential for success, but it needs your confidence to follow the path to reach your goal. Well, I also have some qualities in me which keep me alive all the time. But, having talent and quality is only good enough once embraced with confidence. Somewhere it’s true that women who appear more confidence at work, achieve a higher recognition and social status.

Competition among Girls | Sexy Singular

Competition among Girls

Women are excellent leaders, serious game players, and ever striving to reach the next tier in their career path. They work hard to balance family, relationships, and other commitments. As child bearing individuals, their job is never complete. They are the stronghold to success, perseverance, and motivation. They (we) can do it all.

When embarking on goals and responsibilities, our competence shows us the path, while our confidence enables us to follow it.

Women at Work | Sexy Singular

Women at Work

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