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Crime on the Rise: How to Stay Safe

Sometimes it feels like no place around you is safe; and to a large extent, that is very true. No matter the country, crime rates are on the rise. If you ever watch the news, you’ll notice the increase of crime or assault. As a Sexy Singular lady, you are always at risk. Matter of fact, people who are alone are more likely to get robbed, rather than someone walking with a group.  Here is a list of some of the things that you can do to be safer in your daily activities:

Avoid Traveling alone or being out too late alone

The old saying about strength in numbers has a lot of merits. Most criminals target people who are out alone, especially late at night. If you are alone, it is much easier to rob you, kidnap you, or snatch your purse, etc. However, if you have friends or family with you and are walking in a group, criminals tend not to attack. The next time you plan a night out, try to include friends. Carpooling is also recommended, this way, no one is traveling home alone. Usually, when I plan to be out with friends, I also plan sleep-overs. (Yes- grown women still have sleep-overs) This way we can all leave together and come home…together.

Avoid Big Bulky purses. Keep purses Close

Bulky huge purses are an attraction for robbers. Not only do they signal that there is a lot of stuff in the bag, but they are also far easier to snatch as well. It is more difficult to hang onto them. It is better for you to use smaller, cross-body bags that can be kept close to you and cannot be snatched. Sure, bigger purses are more stylish, but if you’re going to keep up with the trend, then do remember to only carry the necessities. Multiple Credit Cards are not needed. Social Security Cards are not needed (should be kept at home in a safe place). If possible, always wear your bag in the cross-body position. This way, you can hang on to it comfortably and easily in the front of your body.

Never leave your keys in the car at gas stations

Gas Station robbery is becoming more frequent. While you’re pumping your gas, the robber will sneak in through the passenger side, and simply drive away. This is a pretty standard thing. Robbers are trained and efficient in their methods. The few minutes that it will take for you to put gas in your car is enough for them to drive away in it. Always turn the ignition off and take the car keys with you, even if you are only leaving the car for a few minutes. Also avoid Gas Stations at night. An empty station is dangerous. Make sure that others are around at all times, but be careful of them as well.

Avoid having the same routine

Organized crime focuses on research. If you have a specific routine or route that you travel every day, then it is easier for burglars and robbers to plan their heist accordingly. Change your routine up a little.  It will do more good than harm. I think many of us can relate to this. When you leave your house headed to the Starbucks every morning- someone has noticed. When you go for that evening run, I’m sure that your neighbors expect it. Change it up a bit. Everyone pays attention, even when they mean you no harm.

Avoid giving too much information to stranger

Remember when you were a kid and your mother told you to never talk to strangers? That’s an excellent lesson. In adult life, it is impossible to avoid talking to strangers, but there are still ways to avoid giving too much information. Remember that banks rarely call to ask you for credit card details. Also, bill collectors are often framed. Do make sure to know what you owe, and who you owe it to. Countless times there has been instances where collectors will call to reconcile a balance. However, they are not collectors! They’re just normal people calling to scam you. Ask the right questions, and never give out personal information.

This may be rude, but I rarely answer calls from numbers that are not identified by myself, or my Caller ID app. I feel that if it’s important, they will simply leave a message.

In today’s world, it is necessary to stay as safe as possible. The points mentioned above will help keep you ‘on your toes’.




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