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Dealing With a Pesky Boss

Pesky Boss | Sexy Singular

Everyone who has ever had a job has had to deal with a pesky and annoying boss. Just look at Hollywood and its insistence and two Horrible Bosses movies. Your boss can make your life a living hell, which is why dealing with them in the best way possible will make your work life a whole lot easier
Smile. Be Witty Instead Of Passive Aggressive
Your boss, if they are pesky, will agitate you to no end. It is necessary that no matter what you do, you do it with a smile. This will not only ensure that your boss knows that they cannot get to you, but will also ensure that you appear resilient no matter what they throw at you. A really poor strategy to adopt is passive aggressive behavior, which can make you lose your job in no time.


Be on Time With Your Assignments

This is not just a means to deal with a pesky boss, but also in your daily work life. Being professional means that all your assignments must be done and submitted in a timely fashion, which is exactly why this part is so necessary. If your work is submitted or completed on time; you are less likely to be bombarded with questions, emails, calls or pesky visits from your pesky boss.

Stay Gossip-Free

Workplace gossip might be considered as something that stays between the workforce, but it can easily reach the boss, and often actually does. Stay as far away from gossip as you possibly can. Not only will it ensure that you are not the topic of the gossip, but will also ensure that the boss considers you a professional.

Stay Gossip Free | Sexy Singular

Stay Gossip Free

Keep It Simple

Small talk is good, but avoid conversations that have no merit. Small talk with your boss is the only sort of conversations that you should be having with them unless your boss explicitly asks you to do otherwise. Any long and boring meaningless conversations with your boss in an attempt to gain favor will only annoy your boss further.

Just Get The Job Done, Then Go Home

People who start off on a new job often stay behind to try to gain favor in an attempt to appear more hardworking. This doesn’t work in most cases, and you only appear to be doing exactly what you are doing i.e. trying to impress your boss. Do your job and go home when you have to.

Focus On Your Goals Or Next Career Plan

No matter how annoying your boss may be, it is necessary for you to deal with them because if this is your career path, then the goal is worth handling and dealing with a pesky boss. Focus on your goal and make sure that you keep your career path in mind. If you appear to be a goal-oriented and career-oriented worker, then your boss will surely lay off.
Dealing with a pesky boss can be hard, but these simple tips can help lessen any issues that you have with your boss, and help you become a better professional as well.

Focused Women | Sexy Singular

Focused Women

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