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At Sexy Singular LLC we have ambition – but it is not only for ourselves, it’s for the diverse character and lifestyle of all women. Our goal is to open our first Women’s Shelter to assist in the many challenges that some women may encounter.

Donation Box and Red Heart, Concept of Care and Love

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The shelter will be for single women who need help, but may not have anyone to turn to.They may have recently separated from an abusive relationship, suddenly found themselves without a job and maybe nowhere to live, or even women who need temporary accommodation. For example, even the young college student needing lodging during the summer in effort to work full time; allowing them to save for their tuition.

Though there are many scenarios that affect women today, this shelter is not just for accommodation; but for personal and professional development as well. We will offer Training in Life Skills – such as life and business coaching sessions, as well as other workshops designed to help each person cultivate their dreams and succeed in their goals.

In fact, our mission is to help these women rebuild their lives. We will do this by promoting independence and perseverance. We will motivate them to face their futures with the confidence they may not have previously had.

We are currently looking for donations – no matter how small. So, if you feel you can help us to change lives, please become one of our supporters and help us to help others!

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