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Fitbit Fitness Friday

Well, my results are in! I’ve been using my Fitbit for a little over a year and I just love this darn thing. I like the Fitbit because it tracks everything and I am able to monitor progress throughout the day with their app.


My step goal for the day is at 10,000 for now; which is the standard. My calorie goal is at 2,267. As you can see, I’m only showing Monday-Friday, which is usually the days I exercises. I also tend to do a bit of cardio and core exercises on Saturdays; which will take place later on today.

I plan to keep my steps and calorie goal the same for another 2 weeks, then for the first time ever, I’ll be increasing my goal. I hope that you all will join me!

Are you using Fibit?

If so, post your results for the week here. Let’s support each other!

We’ll meet here every week. It’s a date, so don’t be late!

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