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Heart Healthy: Benefits of Wine

Wine is the answer to all occasions, be it relaxation after a hectic work day, girl’s night out, dating, or any celebration. It just makes the day special!

I feel like when it comes to alcohol of any kind, most people want to point out the gloomy side effects, (i.e. hangover, addiction, drinking, and driving) etc. But come on! When you consume wine responsibly, it actually has many health benefits. Yes, you heard that right- benefits! So here I am, to educate you on the positive side of one of my favorite potions.

An average 100-gram wine contains about 83 calories, which is just about right as the normal human body need for calories is around 2000-2500 per day. So there’s no need to be worried about those cals even if you are on diet. Moreover, the cholesterol present in the wine is said to be‘good cholesterol’ by researchers. It not only helps your heart function well but also reduces the chances of blood clots. So a glass of wine every night is just about perfect for your health. Well, maybe not every night; but you get the idea.

Here are a few facts on the health effects of wine:

  1. Reduces the risk of heart attacks

A research was conducted at Harvard on high blood pressure patients and it was noted that the red wine drinkers were at a 30% less chance of heart attack as compared to the non-drinkers.

  1. Reduces risk of heart diseases in general

More specifically, red wine is the best for this purpose. It consists of tannins which have procyanidines. These procyanidines help protect from heart diseases and ensure proper function of the heart.

  1. Reduces risk of diabetes

A research at one of the top medical universities at Amsterdam concluded that the non-drinkers having a much greater chance of having type two diabetes as compared to wine drinkers.

  1. Protects your eyes

It reduces the risk of getting cataracts. Again to support this statement was a study proving that the non-drinkers had 32% more occurrence of cataract in comparison to drinkers.

  1. Keeps your brain active

Resveratrol present in wine helps improve your short term memory

  1. Clear skin

This is the dream of every female! And guess what, wine is the solution. Resveratrol tends to inhibit that bacteria that causes breakouts on skin hence reducing the acne.

  1. Clean teeth

Wine is known to protect your oral hygiene as well with its antimicrobial effect.

  1. Fight cancers

It reduces the risk to many cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and much more.

Now in order to avail all these benefits, you would have to make sure you keep your wine in its ideal condition so that it does not lose its unique characteristic and great taste. So to do that, you will have to take care of the following;

  • Keep it at room temperature

Well, wine tastes good cold, but its best to keep it at RTP and cool it right before serving. People tend to keep red wines at room temperature even for consumption. White wines are a bit different. A little cooling is necessary for the taste!

  • Keep it airtight

This will protect it against foreign substances and microorganisms

These are basically the two main things to take care of, so ensure that you follow the steps and keep the health benefits in mind next time you are enjoying wine!

If you’re low on stock, I would suggest a subscription to a wine club. They have many clubs to choose from and the wine arrives conveniently at your doorstep. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or simply enjoying a glass at night; I’m sure they will have a club that suits you.

My favorite is The California Wine Club. They have many levels to choose from and they never disappoint!





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