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Bar vs Lounge | Sexy Singular

What to expect? Bar VS Lounge!

Before going to a bar or lounge, one must understand the basic difference between them. The former is a place, sometimes referred as a pub or club, where alcoholic beverages

Successful Business Woman | Sexy Singular

To Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

The world has now seen many successful women entrepreneurs. We’ve had famous women politicians, CEOs, fashion designers, and businesswomen. They introduced the world to some of the best ideas and

Women don't Speak to men | Sexy Singular

Why don’t women speak to men?

Ever seen a handsome man, but refused to smile and say “Hello”? Of course!. Unfortunately, women are less likely to speak to men; especially if they are attractive. But the

Pesky Boss | Sexy Singular

Dealing With a Pesky Boss

Everyone who has ever had a job has had to deal with a pesky and annoying boss. Just look at Hollywood and its insistence and two Horrible Bosses movies. Your

Brown Noser or Go Getters | Sexy Singular


In our workplace, we often meet some people that are naturally very clingy to the seniors when it comes to attitude. They will do whatever it takes to please them,

Breast Cancer | Sexy Singular

Breast Cancer 101: Stay Informed

Over the years, the numbers of reported cases of breast cancer have increased significantly. This increase in reports and diagnosis was made possible solely by the fact that people are

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