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“I’m just not that interested”: How to break the news to a guy

Who doesn’t love having a guy who seeks your attention and loves to be around you? However, as a woman you would only want a small chunk of guys to do that for you. For all of us, working up a nerve to approach someone you are attracted to is tough, but getting out of a conversation with someone you’re not attracted to can be even tougher.


While you are at a party, you are likely to run into someone you wouldn’t even consider, and the struggle of breaking the news to that guy might become problematic for you. How would you break the news to that guy?

“Always be honest”

I’ll be brave enough to say that that there are times when I’m easy on words in effort to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. I’ll further say that this is sometimes the reason for my troubles. In a world where most of us are not honest with ourselves, how can we expect to be honest with someone else? Honestly, it is not that hard. It is better to express what you feel. If you’re not interested, just say so.

“Be careful with compliments”

Who doesn’t love a compliment even when it is from someone you don’t really like? Getting cheesy and cherry picked compliments from someone you don’t like, might get you into an awkward situation. It is better not to return the compliment so that the hope is already killed before it is furthered nourished. Now ladies, I’m not saying to be mean. I’m simply saying that a reply of “Thank-you” goes a lot further than “You look sexy too”. So the next time you get the awkward compliment, simply say ‘Thank you’ or another appropriate response.

“Don’t flirt even when it is fun”

You don’t want to give someone any reason to stick with you, and flirting just for the sake of fun would worsen it. This would give an impression that you are also interested and further elevate the false hope. As a result, you would probably end up in an unwanted situation.

“Always follow the direct approach”

No matter how cute the tactics, you must have the courage and strength to tell him that you are not interested. By following a direct approach, you’d spare him and yourself of all the embarrassment. However, remain polite. Clearing him sweetly about your lack of interest would not make him feel bad, but he will get the point.

“Clear your intentions”

People insinuate that women are difficult because one cannot understand their intentions. You need to break the stereotypes and admit to your intentions on the spot. If women are not upfront about their intentions, it is more likely to denote that they haven’t accepted or rejected the proposal. Thus a guy would keep on trying unless you tell him to stop.

Men will be men but women have to be straightforward and blunt. Unclear reaction when approached creates confusions, as a result, binds you in an unwanted conversation.


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