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Imperfect Is Actually Perfect!

Perfectly Imperfect | Sexy Singular

Tired of listening to judgment? Are you annoyed of all the achievable constructs of beauty that society comes up with? Well here’s what you do: don’t listen to them! We say: hey, your imperfect ways are the most perfect thing ever. There’s a beauty in all your imperfections too, and we’re here to help you accept that about yourself, so the world too can accept it. (It starts with you!)


Accept Yourself & Your Flaws

No one can accept you until you start to accept yourself for who you are and all that you stand for. Learn not only to accept but also love and cherish each part of you, including your flaws. In fact, don’t even look at them as flaws, simply look at them as all the things that make you unique. You’re one of a kind, and no one has the same flaws as you do, so learn to be proud of them, because they’re all that sets you apart from everyone else.

Love your Flaws | Sexy Singular

Love your Flaws

Allow for Opinion & Know It’s Not Judgment

Sometimes, people give their opinion only because they care and want nothing but your betterment. At moments like that, it’s important to understand the difference between an opinion and judgment. Just because someone gives their opinion on a matter related to you, does not mean they’re judging you for it or are making fun of you. Learn to positively listen to others opinions and not take them too much to heart. Good family and friends are honest. They don’t mean to tear you down or make you feel bad. However, there are things that absolutely need to be addressed. For instance, you could be having problems with your attitude lately. Instead of getting fired from your job for being insubordinate, wouldn’t it be better if a good friend or family member was able to point out some things about your sudden personality change? I’m just saying…

Have a Lounge Day

Life gets pretty tough at times, especially when you have to deal with personal and business pressure. But remember that you’re allowed to take a day off to just “do you”. Take a special day and make it all about you; treat yourself. Stay home, in your sweats with zero makeup on, embrace who you truly are. Do whatever makes you comfortable, and if that means making zero effort to doll up and put on accessories, then that’s what you do. Have a sip of wine, clean your closet, read a good book, or prepare you favorite meal with no interruptions. Simple tasks like these will digress you self-doubting mood and make you feel comfortable. Sexy Singular ladies need a break whenever possible. It helps us prepare for our next successful moment.

Love Yourself | Sexy Singular

Love Yourself

Love to Love Yourself

Now most important of all, you have to love to love yourself. We’re not just saying simply learn to love yourself. No, we’re saying love to love yourself. Loving yourself shouldn’t feel like a task that you’ve been burdened with. Loving yourself should come naturally. This comes easy by being positive and surrounding yourself with other positive people and experiences. I’ll be honest, repeating positive affirmations in the mirror is helpful, but it’s not enough. You have to believe that you are all the great things you say you are, and carry those facts with you through out the day.

Make time for yourself, and be proud of who you are. We all make mistakes, but most of us push right through them. Don’t let the feeling of judgment or failure ruin your day. When you decide to accept who you are, others will do the same. Being imperfect actually becomes…perfect!


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