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Information Overload: Give your phone a break!

Cellphones have proved to be a blessing no doubt. From having your phone diary always on the go, to the amazing internet which opens the world to you or even those awkward moments where you’re just stuck on social media for no reason. At times, it has proven to be a lady’s best friend!


But don’t be fooled, it’s not all gold. I have the tendency to wake up at night, just to check my emails or see if I have any other (unimportant) alerts. Yeah, I know…that sounds crazy. But! In my defense, I did decide to google some of the side effects of being ‘stuck’ on your phone. (Applause) So, I decided to share a few things with you lovely ladies in hopes that we can band together and give the phone a break. (Or at least ‘try’)These are some of the harmful effects that I found;

  1. Teen Tendonitis

Yes, that’s an actual term. It describes the side effects of those who are addicted to their smartphones. It mainly refers to the neck and back pain due to the wrong posture with our neck bending forward. It also describes how you can get arthritis and bad vision in the long term. Prolonged use is also proven to cause stress and fatigue.

  1. Brain Damage – nerve damage;

Now mind it, these side effects are non-reversible! Ever heard of occipital neuralgia?   This is a very deadly condition in which nerves that run from the top of the spinal cord up through the scalp become compressed or inflamed. This causes symptoms like those of a severe headache or even migraine.

  1. Disrupts sleep

It is proven that about 63% of smartphone user’s sleep with a cellphone. The cellphone light, when detected by our eyes, gives signals to the brain like it’s not the time to sleep yet, thus this trick makes your mind active and you can’t sleep easily. It is suggested that you keep your cellphone away at least 30 mins before sleeping, this gives you brain enough time to get ready for sleep. Take care of your sleep-wake cycles, they tend to affect your health very much.

  1. Making the new generation anti-social

Nowadays, people tend to stay locked up in their rooms all day, just scrolling down their phones. You might argue that social media makes you more social, but in reality, you are just a person sitting in her room with no real human interactions. This affects you both, physically and mentally. Moreover, because we are so addicted to our phones, we don’t realize how we are looking at our phones when the other person is talking to us, and that obviously is not how you behave with people. I mean really? Can we be anymore rude? OMG….I just realized…I am soooo rude!

So these are only the superficial main reasons to how your cell phone is affecting your body and mind. So try giving it a break, go out in the fresh air, appreciate your surroundings and its beautiful details, talk to your family, and don’t worry, Facebook can do a bit without you! Put your phone on an airplane mode (aka. Do not disturb), it’ll help you resist the temptation to check it every second. Believe me, this break will do you a bit of good, so give it a try!


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