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Keep Going!

Ooooh wee! After all of the late nights, hundreds of emails, and many moments of frustration, I can finally say that the Sexy Singular Launch Weekend is booked! Proposals and contracts have been signed and we are ready to go! Of course, the work is never ending as we still have numerous details to perfect. But, we are moving right along and I’m super excited.


The past few weeks have been so stressful. When you’re a perfectionist like me, you tend to go a bit overboard. Everything just has to be perfect…

Aside from the business aspect, I also had a few personal challenges. I have grown, others have changed, and life is somewhat different. I was exercising today and became so emotional about the past, but ever ready for the future. Regardless of our situations, we have to remember to find the joy in the moment. When you turn your dreams into a reality, it often causes anxiety and mixed emotions: an internal confusion that not even you can understand or explain to others.

In short, I guess the only thing you have to do is remember to keep going. The people who are supposed to be there at the end of the day; will be there. The people who are supposed to cheer you on; will do so- They will be there. Friends will come and go, but luckily it is a known fact that we often find that we have everything (and everyone) we need once we reach our destination. If you feel like the value in you is ever overlooked, there is no need to worry. Remember that not everyone has had the privilege of seeing a shooting star when it passes by. Nevertheless, there are others who are actually gazing upon it at that very moment.

You are that star! Your light is bright and the opportunity to experience your beauty is rare. People are looking up to you to see what you will do next; and you dare not disappoint. You are always an inspiration to someone. Never let your situations, people, or failures make you feel that you are not good enough. As you keep excelling, the opinions of others will seem to matter less, and the need to be told: “I’m proud of you” -will no longer be necessary.  Confidence is all you need.

Keep your stature tight and your armor in tip top shape. You have places to go, things to do, and people to see- and the Sexy Singular lady always looks her best!

Anyway, as you can tell, I’ve been through something. It’s fairly over now, but I wanted to share with you what I told myself when I was feeling blue: Keep going! You’ll be just fine. I promise.



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