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Late Night Sleeplessness: What to Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep

The lights are off; everyone is asleep, not a single sound out there, and yet here you are, wide awake and all alone. Do you often find yourself in a similar situation, where nothing you do helps you go to sleep? You spend the night tossing and turning, before you give up and just stare at the ceiling; hoping that’ll get you to sleep? Well, worry no more, because you’re not alone any longer. We’re here to help you get rid of your sleepless nights so you can finally get some well-deserved shut-eye with these simple tips:


Be Honest About Why You Are Restless

Figuring out why you’re restless in the first place is the first step to alleviating your sleeplessness. Ask yourself some standard questions:  are you worried about something? (and if so, why?) Are you napping too much during the day? Are you taking supplements or medications that could induce sleeplessness? Are you anxious about something that’s happening soon?  Or, are you simply just a night owl? (nocturnal) I will admit that I get a lot of work done late at night. It’s during that time when I come up with the best ideas for Sexy Singular as well as other business endeavors. Needless to say, I keep a note pad on my nightstand,

Being restless is not always a bad thing, you just have to learn how to control it. This starts by being honest. Once you are honest with yourself, you will be able to create a suitable plan that will induce sleep and help you rest better. For example, getting up earlier and avoiding naps will increase your chances of going to bed at a decent time that night. Confronting lingering issues that bring you anxiety will also make for a better night’s sleep. It’s actually really simple. Decide what the problem is- then fix it.

Don’t Eat Any Junk

It’s no secret that all the junk food we eat has some form of sugar in it. When we eat this junk before bed, our sugar levels spike, causing us to get super energetic and it drives our sleep away too, no matter how tired we are. The extra unneeded sugar in our body is also what makes us restless at night. So avoid any junk before bed, because it’ll just make you stay up longer. If you’re feeling like a snack, studies show that fresh cherries are actually good for relaxation. Take the time to search for other foods that have calming affects.

Call a Friend

Still, can’t sleep? Then why not call up a friend for a fun chat? This will not only help get your mind off of things, but it will also help you relax. Sometimes, just listening to another’s voice is calming. Likewise, expressing your anxieties to a good friend could also take a bit of the sleeplessness away. This goes back to my point about being honest.

Do Something That Brings You Joy

Though the idea is to eventually get to sleep, it’s possible that you’re just simply not tired. If this is the case, it means you have a bit of spare time to do something relaxing before bed. If you like painting, it’s the perfect time to work on a new frame. If you enjoy organizing, then see if your Sexy Singular fashion-forward closets need mending. Meal prepping is also a great idea for all you ladies who work hard to stay fit. Whatever your desire, the idea is to enjoy something that relaxes you, as well as burn up that unused energy from the day. The idea is not to start a big project in the middle of the night; but to occupy your time with little things that may need to get done.

Have a Cup of Soothing Tea

Even if you’re not a fan of tea, nevertheless, a cup of warm, soothing tea will help calm the soul. Lavender and Mint teas are my favorite and often need very little additional condiments (honey/sugar). There are also teas blended specifically to prepare you for bedtime. No need to be fancy, your neighborhood grocery store should have a tea just for you. Pick some up the next time you’re there; just make sure it’s caffeine free! Remember, you’re trying to get to sleep.

Watch a Movie

To get your mind off of your sleeplessness, why don’t you try watching a movie? Nothing serious though; keep it light with a simple comedy or romance. This will make you feel relaxed enough to go to sleep easily. Moreover, it will most likely promote a positive attitude. Going to bed happy always makes for a great morning.



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