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Manchester Madness: Stay Safe In Large Crowds

We often would think that first world countries and their cities are safe from terrorist attacks. In the past few years, attacks in Paris, Berlin, and now in England have drastically changed our perspectives on this. The dangers of terrorist attacks are all the more rampant, and it is incredibly necessary for people to remain as safe as they can.

Rather recently, on the 22nd of May, a suicide attack took place outside an Ariana Grande concert, the attack left 23 adults and children dead, and over 123 children and adults severely injured. The suicide bomber had a shrapnel-laden explosive device, and he detonated it right after the concert ended when people were exiting. The crime itself was incredibly heinous and was done so at a time when the most amount of damage and casualties could be ensured.

People started running and freaking out, which is quite normal for situations such as these. Terrorists aim to inculcate fear and terror in their victims which is exactly what this attack did. Even though there was a high level of security at the arena, the police failed to protect the civilians. Recently, on the 3rd of June, there was another terror attack on a London bridge in which people were run over and even stabbed! Not even a place such as London is safe anymore. It is now up to us to stay safe in large crowds as well as casual outings.

Avoid them as much as you can

Until things get better in your area and security can be reliable, try to stay away from large gatherings and crowds as much as possible. If you do plan to attend an event that will induce a large crowd, be sure that you take a buddy with you so that you can look out for each other.

Stay vigilant

If it is not an open area and is a gathering inside a building, stay vigilant about where the nearest exits are and always make sure that you stay near to them. Near enough for you to make a quick escape, but also far enough to avoid an unexpected attack. If possible, try leaving a few minutes before the end of the event. This will prevent busy traffic and rushing crowds.

Be mindful and stay calm

In the case of an attack or any threat in a large crowd, stay calm and do not panic. Most people end up panicking which is why stampedes can become such huge threats. Grab your buddy and stick close. Avoid altercations with those who are panicking around you. If you have to run, do so with care. Remember that people may have fallen, so watch where you step. Also, do look out for the ‘little ones’ and the elderly. It’s too easy to pick up a child on your way out (if parents aren’t around), or simply take the hand of an elder person.

Listen to the security

Security is there for a reason. When control is lost, it’s usually because of people not listening or following directions. Remember that everything they say is for your safety. Listen to them and respect their advice. If purses are not permitted, leave them at home or tucked away under the seat of your car. If they ask you to halt, then do so. If they are leading you towards a different exit, do follow their lead. This is most likely done to reduce the amount of people exiting in one area. In short, even if you don’t understand; at least- listen!

It is up to you to stay safe and vigilant during times of adventure or even a stroll through the mall or community park. Large crowds may be hard to avoid depending on the event you’ve chosen for the night, but it is necessary for us to put our safety first at all times.

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