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Why many successful women don’t have children

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There was once a time when the worth of a woman was based purely on whether or not she had children and how many children she had. That time is long gone now. Today is a day and age in which women are striving for equality and have abandoned, for the most part, the notion that their ultimate goal in life should be to strive for motherhood.


The successful career woman of today does not believe that her only goal in life is to have kids. She has dreams, goals, aspirations, and motivation to achieve things apart from just having children in life and taking care of them. Here are some of the reasons successful women do not have children:

1. Career focused women are conscious of responsibilities. They don’t often take on more than they can chew

The responsibilities a woman has in this day and age are a lot more than women had a century ago. These successful career oriented women are aware of the fact that they have many responsibilities on their shoulders, which is why they plan carefully about what they can and cannot do.

2. They are not selfish; they are careful

Having children is not selflessness and not having children is not a measure of selfishness. This is a personal choice that women make, and when a woman who is successful and career oriented does not have children, she is just careful regarding the life choices she is making.

3. They want children, just with the right person at the right time

Having children doesn’t just mean getting pregnant with whoever comes first. It is a decision that needs to be done through a lot of careful thought and planning. This is why most successful women wait for the person they trust and want to have children with, as opposed to someone who would never help at home and would hinder her career growth.

4. Often prove to be great mothers after they have had kids

Most women have had some experience with babysitting their nephews and nieces, which is why it is unlikely to find a career woman who has no idea of how to handle children. It is very likely that she has dealt with kids at some point in her life, and has assisted mothers in dealing with their kids as well. This brings us to the point that while most people think that successful career women will not prove to be gapped mothers, they tend to do the exact opposite.

5. Having children is risky

Another reason why a woman does not have children is perhaps that she feels it is unsafe for her and her potential children because of, perhaps, the area she lives in, her financial issues, health, or any other significant factors that could come into play in making such a decision. It is honestly no one’s business what women do with their bodies or whether or not they even want to have children or not. Times are changing, and so must we.

In short, when plans are thought out practically and executed purposely, there is a better success rate. Our world is constantly changing and our society is ever judgmental. Since child-bearing has become a choice, many women are proactive at making sure their ‘ducks are in a row’. The dream of the ‘white picket fence’ is not lost. However, some women are choosing to build that life at a later age.

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