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My Blog,

Saturday Night Snack

So I was preparing for bed last night, and this is what I gathered to take with me. (see above pic) While most people may take a cup of tea, or their favorite midnight snack, I opted to take all the necessary gadgets that I thought I may need throughout

My Blog,

Keep Going!

Ooooh wee! After all of the late nights, hundreds of emails, and many moments of frustration, I can finally say that the Sexy Singular Launch Weekend is booked! Proposals and contracts have been signed and we are ready to go! Of course, the work is never ending as we still

My Blog,

Work Place Woes

When the people at work are mean to you, ignore you, give you those looks from across the cubicle; then it’s time to cut your losses and realize that they just don’t like you. So What! It’s not the end of the world, you aren’t there to make lifelong besties.

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