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What’s In Your Purse: Avoiding Overloaded Purses

I’m sure we all just fill our purses with everything we can find and then usually forget about the things that don’t actually need to go in there. And mostly, we even go on to complain about how heavy our purses have gotten. Our purses are like dark holes, and we’re not sure what’s in […]

Why don’t women speak to men?

Ever seen a handsome man, but refused to smile and say “Hello”? Of course!. Unfortunately, women are less likely to speak to men; especially if they are attractive. But the real question is why? What holds them back? Are they too shy to initiate a conversation? Or do they simply feel that chivalry should take […]

Confidence And Equality Gives Women The Real Power To Fight Back!

It sounds good when we hear about equality, and of course equality among people is important. Everyone should value their right to equality but only admiring and talking about equality is not enough. Implementing it is essential, and can bring the major difference in everyone’s life whether women or men. Somehow, equality for women is […]

Competence or Confidence: What’s More Important For Women at Work

Todays majority of women are independent and happy because they are pursuing their desired career. And, women at work are confident enough to handle all situations whether good or bad. What do you think matters most to women at work? Competence or Confidence? I would like to argue that they are both one in the […]

5 Habits of Confident Women And How Do They Do it Differently

Women have enormous power in their lives which help them in every phase of life. A woman has multiple roles: she is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister- and an independent soul. Women also have different natures- some are shy; and some are bold and confident. But! a woman absolutely needs to have […]

Dealing With a Pesky Boss

Everyone who has ever had a job has had to deal with a pesky and annoying boss. Just look at Hollywood and its insistence and two Horrible Bosses movies. Your boss can make your life a living hell, which is why dealing with them in the best way possible will make your work life a […]

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