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Brownie Brittle

Everyone loves to snack but what they don’t love is the guilt associated with breaking their diet or cheating on all their hard work for some momentary pleasure. For those that are extremely health conscious, snacking is an incredibly difficult thing to master.


Just because you eat healthy does not mean that you cannot have tasty treats now and then. However, does that mean that you are willing to let those tasty treats ruin your hard work? Not a chance! We’ll introduce you to a healthy snack that will soothe your cravings; and tastes yummy too!

Brownie Brittle is a snack that is not just delicious but also extremely low in calories. The best bet for anyone who is on a healthy diet is to count their calorie intake to make sure that they are not breaking any dietary restrictions.

Here are some facts about the brownie brittle:

  1. It was created by health-conscious women. These women decided that just because they wanted to remain healthy, it did not mean that they could not treat themselves to something that tasted nice too. They created the Brownie Brittle for health conscious people all over the world who wanted to jazz up their diet with some of their favorite treats- chocolate!

  2. It comes in perfect size portions. It is the perfect snack for everyone! The size of the snack has been meticulously researched, and the snack size that is available has been deemed the best option for anyone out there that wants a healthy and tasty snack.

  3. The main concept behind this product is to have a snack option that is both healthy and delicious. With only 120 calories, it certainly has the healthy part down. The delicious part is true as well! Treat yourself to a delicious snack without compromising on the taste or your diet and its hard work.

  4. With only 120 calories per serving, this chocolate flavoured snack is the best way to cheat your diet and remain guilt-free about it. Its low-calorie count makes it one of the healthiest snack options available in the market.

  5. This product is made with real chocolate; which means less artificial flavours. Be sure to brush your teeth afterward as it still has sugar.

  6. It has a very rich brownie like taste, which means that it does not ‘taste healthy’ at all! That’s right! It tastes like a real brownie. Its fantastic cookie crunch is an excellent selling point too!

Have a great snack with the Brownie Brittle by remaining true to all your hard work and your diet, and still feeling like you have treated yourself to unhealthy chocolaty treat.

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