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Downy Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster

Who doesn’t want their clothes to be as fresh as daisies every time they come out of the laundry? The only problem is that frequent washing can make your clothes dull and can lessen their freshness over time. Downy Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster is a way for you to add long lasting freshness to your laundry without any extra hassle! Just add the In-Wash Scent Booster beads at the beginning of your wash cycle, and the beads will dissolve, only to leave your clothes with a freshness that lasts up to 12 weeks.


Now with everything, there is a list of pros and cons that one should consider.


  1. This In-Wash Scent Booster is not in liquid form, which means that there is a lesser risk of you adding too much or having a mess on your hands.

  2. Its ease of use makes it foolproof and incredibly user-friendly. All you have to do is add a few beads into the laundry machine, and you are good to go. No spills and no messes. If you put too much, you always have a window in which you can take some beads out, which is not something that you can do with a liquid.

  3. The product itself is pretty long lasting because you do not need to add half the bottle for every load of laundry. A decent sized amount of beads, perhaps the size of the cap or half of it, will be enough for the average load size.

  4. It can even be used as an air freshener, which is incredibly cool in itself. You can use it in your car or at home to add freshness to that specific area. Multipurpose products are great for people who love to use things for different purposes, or for people who need a quick air freshener fix in their car, etc.

  5. If you want a fresh scent all over your house, then just take a few beads of this product and boil it over the stove. The heat and vapors will carry the smell all over the house and will leave it smelling fresh all day.


  1. As with most detergents and laundry fresheners, they may contain harmful chemicals that can cause adverse effects if ingested. It is best to keep this away from children, especially children of younger ages that tend to put everything in their mouths.

  2. As mentioned above, this product, much like all laundry fresheners and detergents has chemicals that may be dangerous as well as irritable to certain people who have specific allergies. It is best to do a test of sorts by only using this product on one clothing item and seeing if there is any reaction to your skin.

Always carefully weigh out the pros and cons before investing or buying a product, and remember: always do a test before using the product in a substantial manner.

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