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Run or Walk, but stay ACTIVE

Making exercise an important part of your daily routine is essential. Joining a gym with equipment that works each part of your body makes it easier. If you have not exercised before, when you join a gym, your first step is to have a positive attitude and be comfortable asking for help with machines as well as proper form. This way you can avoid injuring yourself.


We have become a sedentary generation, where we sit at our computers working. Without a workout regimen to strengthen and build muscles when we are young, our bodies will wear down faster as we age. By exercising and strengthening those muscles, over the years they will keep us healthier with better mobility.

There are machines for the upper part of your body, as well as, the lower part of your body. You can do leg squats, by standing on your two feet, or you can get on a squat machine, where you can use weights on the bars, while you lay back and place you two feet above you on the pad, remove the bars that hold it up, and finally lower in raising your knees as you push up on the pad. Both are good, but when you are standing, you are using your own body weight. When you use the machine, you can adjust the amount of weight to your ability. A trainer will work with you to show you how to use the machine, if you’ve never used it before.

When you do a lateral pulldown, it is important to make sure you are standing directly and moving your body correctly, so you don’t damage the muscles in the process. First you do it from the right side, and then you turn around and do it from the left side. The correct way to do this is to place your thumb next to your index finger rather than wrap it around the bar. If you’ve never used this machine before in a gym, have a trainer show you how to use it correctly.

Some other exercises you can do are push-ups and sit ups. It is often beneficial to use the pad underneath you while doing these exercises. If you’re unfamiliar of the different types of exercises, you can definitely use google and other fitness websites to find exercises that work for you. Your focus should be to increase muscle strength, build a strong core, and burn calories.

Today, many cities have local running programs that you can join and build up your skill as a runner. As you become more proficient in running and endurance as a runner, there are many local charities that sponsor races to raise money for their organization that you can participate in. Be mindful, that you don’t have to run at these events. Increasing your walking pace is also a great way to burn calories.
As technology has advanced, many millennial’s have smart phones where they use an app to keep track of their exercise routines. Some smart phones already come with these apps installed on the phone. You can use this app to keep track of your heart rate, before exercising and after exercising. You can also use it to track how many miles you have ran or walked in a day.

In short, the exercise you’ve chosen for the day really doesn’t matter. The goal is to stay active and healthy.

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