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Saturday Night Snack

So I was preparing for bed last night, and this is what I gathered to take with me. (see above pic) While most people may take a cup of tea, or their favorite midnight snack, I opted to take all the necessary gadgets that I thought I may need throughout the night.


I must admit that at first I felt sad that this was what my Saturday nights have consisted of lately. But, then I felt a sense of empowerment because I was actually excited about finishing up some things I had started earlier in the day. I was simply moving to a more comfortable space.

Strangely enough, I don’t like working in bed. Things get lost between the sheets, there’s a constant need to get up to get-more things, and I tend to get distracted more so at night when I’m working. For example, when I’m ready to post a blog, I may get distracted by a tab that I had opened earlier- then suddenly I’m on Saks.com shopping for heels. Blog? Forgotten about for the next 30 minutes.

While I sometimes become frustrated with the amount of time I spend working, I have to admit that it has become my way of life. Moreover, I think I like it, and it’s time to own up to it. I like staying up at odd hours of the night working on projects and responding to pesky notifications. I enjoy writing while watching my favorite reality TV show. Sitting up in bed with my Laptop and a glass of wine on the nightstand is actually soothing. Though I may be distracted, I’m still somewhat productive.

I guess this would be a great time to point out the fact that as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing….go for it! Too often do we look on social media and suddenly find ourselves feeling depressed and weird because we’re not out at a party like ‘those ladies in the picture’. And, just because you’re not on a romantic vacation in Italy “like that one couple”, doesn’t mean you don’t have ‘romance’ in your life. Learn to be happy for others without feeling sorry for yourself.

I’m sitting in bed, with my wine, laptop, and cell phone. I’m also catching up on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. My phone is not ringing; which is good.  I have popcorn and nuts on stand-by just in case I get hungry. The air-condition has cooled the house just right. And…at this moment I don’t have to ‘tinkle’; which means I’ll be comfy in my spot for at least an hour or two.

In short…I’m happy.



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