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Liquid Diets For Flat Tummy? No Thanks!

Flat Tummy | Sexy Singular

Many women have started this new trend of liquid diets! They claim to provide every nutrient via liquids, be it carbs, protein or even vitamins. But what is overlooked here is that some compounds are best consumed solid, their nutritional value, their fibers and their many hidden advantages are not able to reach your body when consumed in liquid form. Liquid diets may have their advantage, but the disadvantages are also very important and need to be considered.

Flat Tummy | Sexy Singular

Flat Tummy

So here are a few points that will make you reconsider your liquid diet. But before that you must know what we refer to with liquid diets. Like the name suggests, liquid diets mean you’re getting all, or at least most, of your calories from drinks. Some liquid diets are limited to fruit or , or shakes that replace all of your meals, taken three or four times a day.

Other types of liquid diets replace just one or two meals (usually breakfast and lunch) with drinks, and then you eat a healthy dinner. You may also get snacks on some of these plans.’

Fruits and vegetable increase your metabolism

When we diet, our basic aim is to remove the excess from our body, and thats exactly what your metabolism does. Fast metabolism means fast processing and removal of the food you just had. What more would you want than a fast metabolism while dieting! So giving up on fruits and vegetables is doing you more harm than good. The best fruit and vegetable choices to increase your metabolism are;

  1. Spicy and mild peppers

  2. Citrus fruits

  3. Broccoli

    Fruits and Vegetables | Sexy Singular

    Fruits and Vegetables

Lean meat

This is a necessity for your body. It is high in protein and has a perfect fat and carb ratio. Meat can obviously not be converted into liquid, and to be honest there is no perfect substitute for meat, the supplements may cover the deficit but will never provide you the nutrition like lean meat does. Not only does it provide you protein and basic carbs, but it is also rich in selenium, vitamins B3 and B6, and choline. These essentials help build our immune system and ensure proper body function.

Lean Meat | Sexy Singular

Lean Meat

Don’t give up entirely on solids!

Solids have their own importance, having a completely liquid diet will not only effect your GIT but also your oral cavity. Our mouth is designed to withstand wear and tear, our teeth are made that way, having no solids with drastically effect the morphology and their functioning capacities. Your immune system will go down due to lack of proteins and carbs.

Moreover, liquid diets are proven to weaken your senses link with the brain. Smelling or looking at food stimulates your brain, but with liquid diets, this does not happen, hence weakening the coordination.

So the next time you think about going on a liquid diet, consider all these factors. Drinking a lot of water is a great way to lose weight, so drink as much as you can and keep a check on your intake in order to lose that extra fat.

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