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Say “NO” to Aging

The Baby Boomer generation were the first generation to take notice of health and wellness; and the importance that exercise plays on aging. As they were coming of age, during the 60s and 70s, there was an awakening of consciousness.


This generation is the first-generation to age with style and grace. They eat healthier than their parents, they exercise on a regular basis, take better care of themselves in general.

In spite of this, once you pass the age of 60, all the damage done to your body over the years begin to show, and genetics begins to affect your health. Arthritis starts to set in, joints begin to stiffen, and your body doesn’t bounce back as it used to.

There are different theories on how to age gracefully, but some of the most common ones can be followed by anyone, even those people who have never taken care of themselves. One of the best ways is to reduce stress in your life. Stress affects your health, your blood pressure, and your heart. Exercising on a regular basis is one of the best ways to reduce stress. If you have never been in a gym and decide later in life to start exercising, it is best to start slow. But no worries. When you join a gym, they have trainers to work with you, and make sure you know how to use the equipment the right way.

Along with exercise, changing your diet also helps improve your health. You’ll be happy to know that a simple change in your diet can increase weight loss and improve overall health. I know this is ‘easier said than done’. After all, it’s quite difficult to think about healthy eating when you’re waiting on that yummy slab of BBQ ribs on July 4th.  I guess a rib or two wouldn’t hurt. But why not have it with a fresh garden salad along with a bottle of infused water? (Pineapple and cucumber are my favorite)

Sexy Singular Tip:

There’s no need to waste money on costly water infusion bottles. Besides, unless you have more than one; you’ll find yourself refilling often. Simply use your regular water bottle. Take 2 gulps so that the bottle is not so full. Then, cut your fruit up in smaller pieces to slip inside of the bottle. This way, you can prepare a whole 12 pack of water for the day. When you’re done with one bottle, simply throw it away and grab another!

Limiting sun exposure will also decrease untimely aging. Ladies, I know you like laying out on the beach in the bikini you picked out so carefully. However, we must remember the effects the sun could have on our skin. Severe drying and burning is not very cute; and can sometimes take weeks to heal. Moreover, skin cancer is common, and most people don’t even know they have it. Instead of baking yourself in the sun, consider a spray-on tan, or shimmer lotion that compliments your completion. These items are usually available at your neighborhood Walmart. (smile)

Lastly, I would also suggest a great facial remedy. Be sure to get a cleanser, toner, day cream, and night cream. Your day cream should have at least 25 SPF, but if more is offered; go for it. SPF aids in protection from the sun, which in return will decrease the aging process. “Oil of Olay” is a great product and usually very easy to find in stores. They have a wide variety of things to try as well. However, I’ve noticed that their products are sometimes too greasy; especially for the summer months. I would suggest that you give Avon a try. They have great anti-aging products! This brand also wins many beauty contest awards.

Sexy Singular Tip:

Do remember to make notes of how your skin responds to any product. It may take a few tries before you find something that actually works for you, but don’t give up! Also, remember that you should change your products yearly as your skin has most likely adapted to the creams and cleansers over time. When that happens, simply try another remedy; and of course after a few months you can go back to what was normal.


So there you have it! Eat clean, exercise, stay out of the sun, and find what works for you!

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