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Serena Williams: Pregnant, Fit, and Fabulous

Serena Williams is 20 weeks pregnant! Yes, you heard that right. Thinking about how she achieved all those recent awards, well what else can you expect from this sexy successful woman?


About Serena’s personal life, we don’t know much as she never talks about it on public forums, which in my opinion is a very good decision. Once you become a celebrity or even a tiny bit of famous, your fans and news reporters forget the concept of privacy, they invade your personal space thinking it’s their right. Though these invasions can sometimes bring you fame and good word, there is a dark side to it, which destroys your personal relationships and routine, so as done by Serena, it’s best to only let out important information to the public.

Like on the 29th of December 2016. Serena announced her engagement with Reddit, the co-founder of Alexis Ohanian, shortly after which she posted a picture of her belly on snapchat, captioned ’20 weeks’ on the 19th of April 2017 which means she won the Australian open while she was pregnant! Now that’s the kind of motivation every girl should have in her life.

Speaking of being a role model, Serena is a perfect example for all the ladies and girls out there. She shows you how to balance career with family without much compromise. She is very well at fulfilling her career and family goals along with taking care of her body and health. So the next time you want a push in your life, just think about the perfect Serena Williams and I’m sure it’ll help you get through.

Oh, and did I mention…she’s BEAUTIFUL!!! When I saw her in the Beyoncé video, I could only dream of having those well-toned things and that beautiful small waist. It looks like she can twerk pretty well too. Well, better get to watching those YouTube tutorials….maybe I’ll end up in a video! Ha! (that was a joke)



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