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ShopKick: Get Points and Steps

In the age of technology, shopping has been made a whole lot easier by multiple loyalty programs that various brands and stores are testing. Loyalty programs are programs in which you can earn points by purchasing items from various stores, and these programs are often exclusive to these stores. ShopKick however, is a relatively new app based in Silicon Valley that allows for people to earn ‘kicks’ which are just points every time they enter a store, scan something, and pay for something using a linked bank.

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Mobile Apps

This is an exceptionally great sort of loyalty program because all one needs to do essentially, is have a smartphone and install the app. The app itself is pretty easy to use and has a lot of stores that are affiliated with it. This means that every time you buy something at a store, you earn kicks and these kicks can be redeemed for gift vouchers for various stores all over the country.

The coupon culture, which used to be just limited to housewives or people on a budget, is now becoming all the more important to the new generations simply because of the rising expense of everything. No matter how small of an amount, if you can save a penny, millennials are all up for it. This is exactly why apps such as ShopKick are great not only for saving money but also for earning cash back regarding redeemable points.

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This app has recently announced another new feature which will allow it to be compatible with grocery stores. Previously, the app was primarily focused on retail outlets such as Sephora, Old Navy; Best Buy, etc. which made it a little more limited for its users. Now, with its increased usability, it has had a lot more customers. The saving potential is greater, and that’s probably why the app is receiving more recognition.

One of the best and most marketed aspects of the app is the fact that you can, quite literally, earn kicks just for walking into a store. You do not even have to buy anything. This means that you just have to open the app on your phone, search for affiliated stores nearby, and go for a run or a walk. Walking into those nearby stores with affiliations can easily earn you over 100-200 points per day; which can quickly add up. You can get exercise as well as redeemable points simultaneously. What could be better than that? This is a great app that has the incredible saving potential for all sorts of people.

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Shop Kick App

My favorite aspect of the app is that it gets you going! With ShopKick, you get your points; but you also get your steps in. Needing a little more motivation has just gotten easier! The next time you go shopping for points, be sure to track your steps on your Fitbit!

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