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Social Media Etiquette for Savvy Business Women

Social Media | Sexy Singular

When you’re a woman in any field, it’s harder to make your mark and prove your worth because of how you’re constantly being underestimated by the men around you. This is why we’re here to help you become a savvy business woman so you can prove your worth to all those around you. Read on to find out the perfect social media etiquettes to become the savviest businesswoman out there.

Be Witty but Polite

Nowadays, social media is all about being humorous. The key to being a successful, savvy business woman, however, is to find the perfect balance between being witty and yet still being polite. You want to come across as fun and humorous sure, but you don’t want to offend or anger anyone in the process. So keep your wit as polite as you can and try not to offend anyone.

Social Media Etiquette for Savvy Business Women | Sexy Singular

Social Media Etiquette for Savvy Business Women

Don’t Spam Others

Spamming others is the most annoying thing ever. It’s the epitome of ‘uncool’ and so 2012. If you want to be heard, don’t try too hard. And if you’re spamming everyone else, you’re trying way too hard, and no one’s going to take you seriously. Don’t push yourself out there; instead, wait for them to be pulled in by you and your etiquettes. Moreover, being marked as ‘spam’ is not good. When this happens, your correspondences go to the part of the inbox that no one reads.

Stop Spam | Sexy Singular

Stop Spam

If Someone Follows You, Try to Return the Favor

The thing with social media is that it’s just a tit for tat setup; if you like someone’s post, they’ll like yours. The same goes for getting followers. If someone follows you, be a sport and follow them back. Otherwise, they might just end up unfollowing you, and that will result in a decrease in your followers; something you don’t want. Because here’s the thing, the entire social media game revolves around how many followers you have, the more you have, the more popular you are.

Follow Back | Sexy Singular

Follow Back

Profanity? No Way

Remember, you’re a lady. Don’t give into all the strange tactics people employ out there on social media just to increase their viewership and keep people interested. You don’t need to employ such flimsy techniques to get people’s attention. So a big reminder for all you women out there looking to dominate the social media: stay away from any profanity, because you’re simply too much of a lady for that.

Be Respectful of the Opinions of Others

Here’s another reminder not to offend anyone on social media, since that isn’t very ladylike. Remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and you’re supposed to respect them for who they are. Engaging in opinionated conversations if fun and somewhat enlightening most times. However, do remember that everyone is different; including you. The objective is to gain a conversation thread; not an argument.

Remember Your Brand and Try to Keep a Positive Role

It’s important that you stay true to your brand, and uphold all values and objectives too. Don’t forget why you’re doing what you’re doing; keep your eye on your real task. And always go about doing business on social media by adopting a positive role, because any negative role you play might result in loss of followers and potentially ruin your brand.

Brand Building | Sexy Singular

Brand Building

In short social media is supposed to be informative and fun. Use it to get the word out about niche or your business; but use it positively. Creating a positive image about yourself or your brand will gain the traffic necessary to make connections and build a profiting business.

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