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Stop The Texting, Eliminate The Chatting!

Do you ever wonder why people text or chat, instead of talk? I recently had a very odd conversation with a dear friend, via chat. It was horrible. Needless to say, I’ve signed off of all messaging applications for the time being.


I doubt that Texting or Chatting was ever meant to be a way to have valuable conversations; especially when there’s conflict. My guess is that it was a great creation that allows for quick responses or updates.

When you allow people to ‘read’ your feelings, you kind of leave the interpretation up to them. I’m very blunt and open with my feelings and opinions, which could be overwhelming to others. I have very deep friendships with the people I call my ‘friends’. Our relationship allows us to be honest without having to agree. Needless to say, no matter what is discussed, I know that our plans for Saturday are still on!

However, this is not the case with everyone. I have come to realize that though chatting and texting is convenient and often fun; it’s still not appropriate for certain conversations. The context of your message could be misconstrued simply because of the mood of the receiver (and vise versa). For example, if you say “Let’s talk about this later…” the receiver could assume that you’re upset about something. Moreover, an expression like: “That is so Fucked up”, could be interpreted as insulting- while saying this in person does not have the same affect.

This is just way too much!

A person like me is well capable of having tensed conversations without ever getting upset. These are actually my favorite types of dialogue. Think about it, you get to express yourself and know that the other person is listening, instead of reading too much into your choice of words or creating a situation where they’re suddenly insulted by how you’re feeling.


In short- Skype, Facebook, or any other messaging application may not be the best way to effectively communicate. As topics become serious, picking up the phone or going out to a nice lunch may be the better option to get your point across to the people you care about. Whatever the case, I’ve decided to minimize my texting and chatting. If you find yourself always having to restore relationships after tensed chatting, perhaps you should follow my lead.


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