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Summer Feet!

summer feet

Along with the irritating sweat, stinky underarms, never ending itching and heat rash; summer feet is another pain to expect during the summer season. The cracked heels can cause you a lot of pain if not treated properly. When you were putting your feet into boots in the winter, pedicures were not often required. Our feet were covered and we didn’t have to worry about strappy sandals giving us those painful blisters. But summer means a lot of outdoor activities and you really need to take care of your feet.

Remedies for defeating cracked skin

A standout amongst the best solutions for defeating cracked skin and dry heels is utilizing foot socks in the blend with healing oils and creams. Before going to bed, generously apply at least one of the oils, for example, almond, grapeseed oil and additionally olive oil to the heels and feet, put on a pair of thick cotton socks and after that leave on throughout the night. Other great oils and lotions include lanolin, cocoa spread, shea margarine, and coconut oil.

Milk and honey can be extremely powerful to obtain softer, smoother feet without brutal skin peeling. Pour one cup of honey to two cups of milk and then transfer into a bowl sufficiently large enough to hold both feet. Soak for 15 minutes, daintily massaging the blend into skin. You can likewise utilize the honey/milk combo to splash elbows or hands, or pat gently onto the face and rub. Wash with water.
Soak your feet in a bucket containing 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, rosewater, and 1 teaspoon of pure glycerin. All the natural ingredients and these substances can heal your feet.
On the other hand, for the people with sensitive skin, they should wash their feet regularly with alcohol so that the harmful bacteria or fungi that can infect your feet can be sterilized.

Best remedy for moisture

Off and on sweaty feet can make you hesitant to take off your shoes in front of other people. Wear cotton socks. You can likewise pick socks made of moisture-wicking material. Nylon and polyester traps sweat, on the other hand, the natural fibers are more permeable and enable more air to reach your feet.

Wash your feet consistently. Utilize an antibacterial soap to keep smell under control. Dry feet totally, making a point to dry the zone between the toes because fungi and bacteria can accumulate between the toes if the territory is not dried completely.
You can also use an antiperspirant. These agents are not only active against the under-arms but can be used to control the sweat on the feet too. Using a foot powder on your feet can also absorb the sweat and keep them dry.

Change your socks on a daily basis. To avoid any sort of infection and cracking around the heels and feet, one should maintain a proper hygiene. Washing your feet on a regular basis 2-3 times a day and a moisturizer can heal the cracked skin.


Come on ladies! Let’s get those feet in check.
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