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The unexpected Break Up

“Breaking up is hard to do”:, wasn’t that a song? No pain can compare to an unexpected break up.  But while we are ever trying to improve ourselves and well-being, we can certainly try to handle our emotions more effectively and keep striving for success. These simple tips will help you stay focused, keep pushing, and keep smiling.

Learn to focus on good things

Setting positive intentions is a great start to getting back on track. A positive mindset helps you cope with what’s happening now, as well as what’s ahead. Separating from a companion often leaves one feeling bit off balance. This is natural since most sweet (and not so sweet) moments in your life was experienced with a person who was very important to you; and still is. However, a new journey has begun, and lots of positive energy is required. Find your happy place and settle in. Take time to focus on yourself and the things you want. What are some of the things you enjoyed doing while you were single? What projects do you have in progress that could use a bit more of your attention? Though these are just a few ideas, the goal is to tap back into your own independence and embrace the start at something new.

Cry, but do like momma told ya and make that face up.

A good cry is always good. It’s actually a natural response to sadness as well as happiness. But if you find yourself crying more than smiling, it’s time to make a date with the ladies. No need to be formal; just put on your best skinny jeans, and a cute pair of pumps! Anything to get out of the funk! Though club hopping may be on your mind, I would suggest a nice dinner with supportive friends, followed by a great glass of wine at a cool lounge. It’s one thing to be hurting, but hurting and feeling lonely can really suck. Don’t seclude yourself behind your walls with tissues and memories that make you cry. Instead, surround yourself with the people that love you. Allow them to help you through this transition in your life.

Sexy Singular Tip:

(If you do decide to cry for the day, be sure to keep your eye moisturizer handy. The area under your eyes is very sensitive and can become dry due to all the wiping; which will cause dark circles!)

Rediscover yourself with glee

Self discovery is never planned, but is always liberating. It’s true! Even in this situation you will learn something new about yourself. Embrace it. Allow yourself to be free from judgment and obligation. If your usual Saturday morning involved cleaning the house with your mate; try to mix it up this weekend. Treat yourself to a day at the spa, participate in a charity event or 5K run; or simply sleep in. Changing your routine is a great way to keep yourself busy and thriving. There are so many events and opportunities available in communities. Find something that peaks your interest and carry on. Rediscover the fun in life, as well as the fun you once enjoyed during your independence.

Sweep the Past Away

tuck them away for a while. If you have photos around your house, take them down. Don’t replace them with new photos, just leave the space empty. When the time comes, you’ll find something suitable to put in that spot. A different photo at this time, will only remind you of what use to be there. Other things include getting rid of their personal belongings. (toothbrushes, clothes, etc). Do not burn them; it’s a waste of time and usually involves crying, yelling, and lots of alcohol. Simply request that he pick up his items….or my favorite: just mail the items to him! Whatever you decide, do it quick and be mature about it. You’re not trying to start a fight; you’re just trying to move on.

Let it All Go

The most important thing about this unexpected break up is to let it all go. You have to make sure that your life is more important than depression and anger. Whatever happened in the past no longer matters. The road to recovery depends on your conscious ability to love yourself and move on. Give it a try! It’s easier than you think..

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