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Things You Should Ask Your Gynecologist

A potential health problem can be difficult to detect when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. For most of us, it is very difficult to differentiate between what is normal and what needs attention. Even if you feel embarrassed about the issue, your gynaecologist is always willing to help you. There has always been a subconscious barrier which deludes women into thinking that their gynaecologist will be judgemental.


As a result, women are hesitant to discuss their reproductive hygiene and this unawareness creates problems in the future. One must not be reluctant to discuss something with a gynaecologist as they are the ones who are going to cater to your problems. Here are the things one should ask a gynaecologist.

  1. Painful Periods

For women, having a period is always unpleasant as you are more likely to get cramps, headaches, breast soreness and many other menstruation symptoms. However, for many women, menstrual cycles can become very painful and get worse over time. This may be a sign of numerous complications, so you should always ask your gynaecologist about it.

Painful Periods | Sexy Singular

Painful Periods

  1. Bleeding after sex

It is quite understood that you are more likely to bleed after sex for the first time but if you have bleeding after every time you get physical, it may be due to a variety of complications. It may be due to an infection, vaginal dryness, or even sexually transmitted diseases. If you suffer from a problem like this, you should definitely ask your gynecologist about it.

Bleeding After Sex | Sexy Singular

  1. Unusual smell

A vaginal odor is a very uncomfortable topic for most women, but it still needs to be addressed. If you have a smell that hasn’t left for days, it is important to consult and discuss the problem with your gynecologist directly. Vaginal odor may be a sign of bacterial growth or an infection but your gynecologist can explain this to you as well as provide treatment.

  1. Unusual bloating

We are noticing a virtual epidemic of bloating these days. What worsens it is that people are hesitant to discuss the issue with a doctor. The problem persists in women too and they, are hesitant to consult the gynecologist. It is important to be familiar with the warning signs of serious issues as bloating is not normal. Be sure to consult with your doctor about bloating in effort to rule out illness.

  1. Unusual breast tenderness

The tenderness in the breast may be a result of normal or disease process in the body. It is always associated with hormonal changes in women. It may indicate a variety of complications and discussing it with a gynecologist is very important. Be sure to make note about your tenderness and express these concerns and findings to your doctor immediately.

Unusual Breast Tenderness | Sexy Singular

Unusual Breast Tenderness

  1. Sexual History

Women regularly stress that their gynaecologist is passing judgement on them while discussing a number of sexual partners they’ve had, how old they were when they initially had sex, in the event that they’ve had any sexually transmitted ailments (STDs), or about the sexual introduction. However, this is not the case. Discussing your sexual history can be beneficial for you as the gynaecologist can find any irregularities and complications you are suffering from.

Final Thoughts!

So ladies, don’t be shy in discussing your sexual and reproductive health with a Gynaecologist. They are there for your benefit and it’s actually their profession; which means- they are just waiting on people like you to ask these questions or have valid concerns. Give them a chance! By doing so you may improve your health, as well as your future.

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