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Time Management: how to get all your work done before the weekend!

Procrastinate much? The weekend is coming, and you have to get those projects done. You have deadlines to meet, people to see and things to do-but that work is hanging over your head. What do you do? Hide under the covers and cry that you have no life, and you have no way to fix it? No- get yourself together! It’s time to get that work done. Gather up your supplies, lock down your time and get those projects done. The best way to start any time management is to plan everything out.


First, write done each and everything you have to get done. You can use a composition book, make notes on your computer, or simply use an app. Some of us like paper and pencils/pens, others like apps. Label it, and when you are finished with each part of it cross it off.

The most important tasks should be completed first. When other things come up, learn how to prioritize, and stick to the plan. There will always be other things to do-but never allow those things to be excuses to procrastinate. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a quick lunch with a friend. However, have you looked at your schedule first? Have you decided what the opportunity cost would be to go to lunch, instead of get your work done? A two hour lunch with a friend could mean that you would have to forfeit much needed time to complete your projects. I don’t know about you, but most of my completed projects usually come with a nice gain in revenues. Yeah, I’m going to choose to make that money! I’ll see the ladies on the weekend after I’ve completed my tasks.

What about when you are falling behind? Why is it happening? Think about it, did you look around on Facebook, or stop by Yahoo to get the latest news about your favorite celebrity? You may not realize it, but social media takes a lot of time. It leaves you wanting more. One glance and Denzel Washington will cause you to actually google what movie he’s working on next. Yep! 30 minutes later you realize you actually forgot to press ‘send’ to an email you intended to reach your boss before 10am. Sounds typical right? No worries, we all make this mistake several time a week. That’s why it’s so important to plan your day, get organized and stick with it. If you enjoy social media, simply add this to your list or find a place for it on your schedule. Set aside time to satisfy your Facebook craving. It’s a somewhat witty way to stay on track. A little ‘down time’ is actually rejuvenating. But, by that I mean 15 minutes- not 1 hour.

Moving on, at about mid-week, look at that list that you made and see what you have finished. Think about how you’ve been performing, and what improvements are needed; if any. Also try to reflect on the days prior. Did you have to modify any tasks? Did you have to constantly reschedule appointments or meetings? Lastly, do you get that A for effort? Or are you just working to the bare minimum? Rating and evaluating your progress is a great way to hold yourself accountable. If you see that you’re lagging behind, it’s time to put on your game face, and by this time, it’s likely that you on have 2 days. Either start the next days early, or plan to work late on Friday. After all, Saturday and Sunday are still up for grabs….but only if you get your work done!

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