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How To Travel Safe: Sexy Singular Style

Sure, traveling with family and friends is fun, and you make great new memories. But ask anyone who’s traveled and explored new places alone, and they will tell you that it was the single best decision of their life. Traveling alone offers a whole new experience, and gives you a chance to reconnect and rediscover yourself. Besides, you’re Sexy, Successful, and Single- What better way to enjoy a little time off?

But before you start this journey of independence, you need to check out these simple yet important pointers to help you stay safe while you’re traveling.

Have A Plan

It’s best to go to foreign lands well prepared. So you should brush up on all the tourist spots there. Then make a plan of all the places you will most likely want to visit. While sticking to a plan is ideal, be prepared to make an unscheduled stop or two. If you find yourself unable to partake in an interest at the moment, be sure to make a quick note to come back later. I find it more convenient to make my last day at any vacation spot a ‘free’ day. This is usually the day I pick up souvenirs and visit the places that caught my eye earlier in the week. There’s no rush, just me doing the things I feel like doing and making time to pack accordingly later.

Blend In

Another important thing you want to do is make sure you blend in with the people there. Most tourists attract a lot of unwanted attention towards themselves by dressing in ways that give them away. One way to figure out how to fit in is to do research on the demographics before you arrive. This will help give you a sense of how you’re expected to behave and dress; thus not attracting any extra attention. Tourists who fail to do this often fall prey to different scams and other dangerous activities.

Avoid Flashy Hand Maps

Another way to help yourself blend in is by making sure you don’t look like a typical tourist. Let’s describe a typical tourist shall we; they’re the ones with huge maps and a lost expression on their face. That is exactly what you’re not supposed to do. Huge maps make it clear to everyone around you that you’re a tourist who’s lost, and that makes you a vulnerable target. A good way to alleviate the maps, is to look over your route before you leave the hotel. Or, simply add the map to your phone. Take a quick look every once in a while; then continue on your way.

Always Know the Address to the Hotel

What’s worse than having a big flashy map? Not even knowing where your hotel is! If you step out of the airport and ask a taxi to drive you to your hotel, you have no way of knowing if they’re taking you to the right place or not. That is why you need to be prepared and make sure you’re familiar with everything about your hotel, like its address, and if possible, even landmarks nearby so you know you’re going to the right way.

Don’t Stay Out Alone Too Late

Sure, we get it, you’re on vacation, and you want to stay out as late as you can. But in a foreign land with no one to look out for you, that isn’t the smartest thing to do. If you’re alone, you should never stay out too late in a destination you’re unfamiliar with, it’s for your own good. You’re much better off participating at the events held at the resort. This way, you’re close to your room; and you know your way around. Going to clubs is fine, but do watch your alcohol intake; and never accept a drink from a stranger. Additionally, make sure you have transportation. If you are not sure about the availability of Taxi’s, simply arrange a car with the hotel. It’s usually inexpensive, and your ride will be there on time!

Lastly, remember to tell your story. If you’re planning a vacation, it’s good to let close friends and family know where you’re going and what you plan to do. If you have a schedule, do share it. This way, they can check on you and have additional information on your travel plans just in case something goes wrong. If you are going to an international destination, it’s a good idea to check in with the embassy once you arrive.

That’s all for now. Happy Travels!




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