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Have You Tried Virtual Dating?

Dating can become a tiresome and mundane task these days. It demands a lot of time and attention to go out on numerous first dates before finding someone who you connect with enough to spend more time with them. But it’s also the most wonderful thing if done the right way and takes away a lot of stress.


The Problem with Traditional Dating

On an average day, you get all dolled up and go out with a nice guy that you met a few days ago. He picks you up and takes you to a restaurant where you chat and observe each other subtly. Then you offer to pay the bill (in which he objects). Suddenly the night is ending with a kiss goodbye, or a nightcap and more, depending on how things go. But if you don’t have a good enough time, you’re probably never going to see him again. And there you are, once again, getting ready for yet another date. It’s tiresome and lonely, and you feel like there needs to be a better way.

Enter: Virtual Dating

When all these problems hit us, virtual dating enters to save the day. It cuts down all the effort that you have to put into actually getting yourself ready for a date that is only focused on testing the waters with the potential partner. To go through all those lengths for someone who will probably disappoint you isn’t worth it. Especially not when you can go online and date someone in virtual reality first. Use virtual reality to hang out together wherever you want to, may it be the bowling alley, the mall or even outer space. In Virtual reality, everything is possible. Once you have a fun time with each other there, you can set up a location to meet up and start your courtship.

Tread Lightly Though

Despite the attractive prospects and endless possibilities attached to virtual dating, there are still some things that you should always be aware of. The first and foremost of these is to remember that virtual reality is not a reality at first, so don’t get too carried away. Sure, you should meet new people and spend time in VR, but then again you also need to spend time in the real world with real people to maintain a healthy balance. Moreover, you should beware of predators online who make themselves out to be something that they’re not, just so that they get information out of you to harm you socially, financially, sexually, etc. You should take measures to make sure you’re playing it safe. Avoid giving out personal information. For example, addresses, credit card information, daily schedules, etc. Though the process can be very fun, do remember that you are talking to a stranger until proven otherwise.

Have a Go at it!

All that said, you should have a go at it and enjoy life to the maximum. Take precautions where you should but also, don’t let interesting areas like virtual dating go unexplored either. There’s a lot out there that could be just what you need! You will never know if you never try.

Do tell us how your experience at virtual dating goes!

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