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Why Wine Clubs are better than General Grocery Stores

Why go to a wine club when you can get what you want at your general grocery store? You might be wondering that question. We have the answer: because you assume it’s easier to pick up a bottle of wine from the grocery store. True enough; some stores have nice collections. However, if you enjoy fine wine, then you will start buying at wine clubs, and we’re here to tell you why.


General Grocery Stores have a Limited Stock

It’s true that general grocery stores have a limited stock of wine. However, some do offer a wide variety. At any rate, do know that you’ll most likely be shopping from a general stock based on marketing reasons. Stores usually pick their stock according to what consumer’s purchase; which has a lot to do with the budget of the demographics for that area. Fortunately with wine clubs, there is a bottle or package that fits every type of budget and taste.

General Grocery Stores | Sexy Singular

General Grocery Stores

Wine Clubs Give the Option of Trying Blends from All Countries

While your general grocery store only offers a limited range, wine clubs offer a variety of different blends from literally all over the world. Think of how impressed all your guests will be when you pull out a new blend from some exotic place that they’ve never heard of before. Expand your palate by trying new blends from new places. And only a wine clubs will offer you the chance to do so.

The California Wine Club

One of the largest mail order wine companies in the United States, the California Wine Club is a must join for new and unique hand picked wines every month. Other benefits include the fact that they ask for no membership fees, you can cancel your order without having to worry about cancellation fee, and most importantly, they offer some serious shipping discounts. They also offer personal wine consultants available to answer all your wine-related or membership queries.

The California Wine Club offers great convenience because if you don’t like the wine or the bottle is broken, you don’t even have to send the bottle back, your money will be refunded, or the bottle will be replaced. You can also track and manage your favorite wines easily online instead of having to physically go to the club.

The California Wine Club | Sexy Singular

The California Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club currently boasts one of the largest wine collections in the country, and offers a diverse range of wines for every taste, and more importantly, for every budget. The club offers great convenience by refunding damaged bottles and by replacing unopened bottles that might not be to the liking of the consumer.

One of the major pros of this club is that the shipping cost is included in the price of the membership, so the membership is $39. Standard shipping is always free. There is also a 100% guarantee for no bad bottle. Wines are always packed in special protective cases. You can also easily cancel anytime you want, and they don’t even ask for any cancellation fees if you cancel by the 7th of the month.

Cellars Wine Club | Sexy Singular

Cellars Wine Club

While these clubs are Sexy Singular favorites, it’s best to keep your options open. Before committing to a specific club, consult with a wine connoisseur if effort to find the taste that’s best for you. As wine has many benefits, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with a variety of blends.

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