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Why don’t women speak to men?

Women don't Speak to men | Sexy Singular

Ever seen a handsome man, but refused to smile and say “Hello”? Of course!. Unfortunately, women are less likely to speak to men; especially if they are attractive. But the real question is why? What holds them back? Are they too shy to initiate a conversation? Or do they simply feel that chivalry should take affect

The answer to this question is both. Sometimes women are actually shy to even say hello to a guy. But most of the time, they think that by saying hello first and starting a conversation may seem very desperate. However, this is only an assumption.

Have you ever thought that men may feel the same way? After all, this is the 21st century and according to postmodernism- men and women are equal in all aspects and the gender stereotypes are only imposed by our society; otherwise there is no work which men can do and women cannot and vice versa.

Women are usually afraid of rejection; where as men have already practiced for the unfortunate event. They simply move on. However, women tend to take this more personally because they are more than likely doing something out of their comfort zone. But why? Attraction and mating is totally normal. You may not always get your first choice in many situations, but the possibilities are endless. One should be bold and confident enough to start a conversation if she wants too. What happens next, leave it to fate. The key is to have no real expectations. After all, simple attraction does not equate to- husband and wife!

For example, if you’re out for a quick lunch, chose to sit at the bar. Bar seats are perfect spots for single people. No need to be formal with the cutie sitting next to you. Just ask him about what he’s eating, or comment on the seemingly entertaining sports game that’s playing in front of you. Simple tactics as these will eliminate the fear of casual communication; which gets you in the habit of forming them. When you have the chance, make eye contact and remember to smile. Smiling goes a long way, ladies! Every man enjoys a smiling woman.

While initiating communication is not always easy, it’s still easier than it seems. I’ve come to realize that talking to others as if I already know them works out just fine. Before you know it, you’ll be on the way to your car, while ‘Mr. Handsome’ is running after you to exchange numbers. It not only happens in the moves; it happens in real life too. So go for it!

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