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Work Place Woes

When the people at work are mean to you, ignore you, give you those looks from across the cubicle; then it’s time to cut your losses and realize that they just don’t like you. So What! It’s not the end of the world, you aren’t there to make lifelong besties. Work is work, and I’m sure that there are plenty of people at home that are willing to be there for you. People can be jealous for no reason other than they like flip-flops and you wear heels, or they gossip and believe lies, the reasons are endless, and just crazy. Again, so what.

You don’t have to associate with people who are rude to you. So don’t go out of your way to ask them to come to your party, don’t hound them- just let them be. Likewise, don’t be cruel or petty in return. Why not be happy instead? You should be. It’s never purposeful to allow others to dictate how you feel about yourself or how you respond to pettiness.

Gossip is the devil. It does nothing but make other people angry, hurt, and the people that spread it are usually just jealous and vapid. Yes, vapid-shallow people. Gossip is not a cool way to make friends, you aren’t in high school anymore. Or even if you are- just make friends with people based on who you are. Stick to the things you know. Don’t whisper behind people’s backs. Can’t we all get along? If people are gossiping in the lounge- walk away…fast!

Go to work, and do your work. Sounds easy right? But let’s just face it- It’s not! It’s always nice to have a conversation at work about the great weekend you had, or the super cute lip gloss you just purchased from Sephora. These kind of conversations are fine, and actually fun. There’s nothing wrong with a little ‘girl-talk’. However, be conscious during those conversations. If the subject has somehow transitioned to unnecessary gossip about the boss of petty issues at work, it’s time to take a short break, or head to lunch!

Remember that going to work anxiously awaiting gossip and confusion just might be the highlight of someone’s day. This sounds crazy, but its true. In your case you must learn to stay clear of the mess. Focus on your responsibilities and remember to stay organized with your tasks. If you’re not making friends, that’s okay. Being professional in a professional environment is often encouraged. Smile!

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